The endpoints available in this documentation empower you to perform various client-related operations, facilitating effective client engagement and organization.

Explore the following functionalities to manage clients:

  • Add Client: Create new clients within the platform, supplying the necessary client details via the designated endpoint.

  • Search Clients: Retrieve clients based on specified parameters or keywords, allowing for efficient search capabilities.

  • Get Client by ID: Fetch detailed information about a specific client using their unique identifier.

  • Update Client: Modify and update client information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records.

  • Add Client Tag: Associate tags with clients, enabling categorization and streamlined organization.

  • Remove Client Tag: Effortlessly remove tags associated with clients, facilitating flexible tag management.

  • Remove Client: Delete clients from the platform, facilitating data management and organization.

Please do note the {clientId} in the URL path denotes the UUID - Id of the client.

E.g. 5tw9zcQkbu

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