Setup Virtual/Online Session Services

This guide covers the steps to add virtual/ online session services within Whautomate platform.

How to add Virtual/Online Session services in Whautomate

Step 1: Go to the Whautomate app, click the Catalogue menu and select the Services menu option

Step 2: Select the Add Service button as shown in the picture given below 👇

Step 3: Select the service type Appointment option and then fill in the required details below-mentioned

(i) Enter the service name (Eg. Teleconsultation)

(ii) Enter service Duration (Minutes) Eg. 15

(iii) Categories (Optional)

(iv) Select the Staff's who are providing this service

(v) Select the appointment type as Virtual/Online Session

Step 4: Fill in the Pricing details like Selling Price, Tax, Cost Per Item, etc;

Step 5: Online Booking

(i) Activate the "Allow Online Appointment" feature to make this service visible on WhatsApp and the Online Booking page, allowing clients to conveniently book this service online

(ii) Enable the "Accept Payment Online" option to facilitate online payment for booking this service.

(iii) Advance Settings:

Advance Booking Limit for Clients

You have the ability to establish an Advance Booking Limit for clients, specifying the number of days in advance. For instance, by setting it to '60', clients can book appointment slots up to 60 days into the future.

Block Time After Appointment

You can set a "Block Time After Appointment" in minutes. For instance, if you set it to '30', your time slot will be reserved for 30 minutes after your appointment concludes.

After filled all the details Click the Save button.

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