Integrate Whautomate with 7000+ apps using Zapier and Whautomate Integration.

Supported Triggers and Actions

The list of Triggers is currently available for use. 👇


  • New Appointment Scheduled: Triggers when a new appointment is scheduled in Whautomate.

  • Appointment Rescheduled: Triggers when an appointment is rescheduled in Whautomate.

  • Appointment Cancelled: Triggers when an appointment is cancelled in Whautomate.

  • New Client Created: Triggers when a new client is created in Whautomate.

  • New Contact Created: Triggers when a new contact is created in Whautomate.


  • Assign Tag(s) to Client: Assigns Tag(s) to an existing Client in Whautomate.

  • Assign Tag(s) to Contact: Assigns Tag(s) to an existing contact in Whautomate.

  • Create Appointment: Creates an Appointment in Whautomate.

  • Create Client: Creates a new Client in Whautomate.

  • Create Contact: Creates a new WhatsApp Contact in Whautomate.

  • Send WhatsApp Template Message: Sends a WhatsApp Template Message to a contact from Whautomate.

  • Search Client: Searches Client based on Name, Phone, or Email in your Whautomate account.

  • Search Contact: Searches Contact based on Name or Phone and Communication Channel in your Whautomate account.

Get Started

  1. Go to the Integrations page in the Whautomate platform then scroll down and select the Zapier connect button to continue.

  1. Zapier allows you to connect Whautomate with thousands of apps on Zapier, with some useful examples such as Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Gmail, Slack, Webhooks by Zapier, Google Drive, Mail Chimp, Hubspot, Facebook Lead Ads, Shopify, WooCommerce, Calendly, and many more.

Quickly Automate using Zapier's templates.

  1. Scroll down on the Whautomate Zapier Integration page to view the list of popular Whautomate Zapier templates.

  1. Select the Zapier template you want to automate from the list. Click the "Use this Zap" button to get started.

  2. Not finding what you're searching for? Click the "Create from scratch" link to initiate a new Zapier automation. 👇

Create a New Zap

  1. Click the "Create from Scratch" link in the Whautomate app to create a new Zap automation rule.

(or) Go to the Zapier app, click the "Create" button and Select the "Zaps (Automated workflows)" option to create a new Zap automation rule.

1. Setup Trigger

In this tutorial, We will demonstrate how to add new Whautomate contacts to Google Sheets using Zap as an example.

  1. Search and select the Whautomate app in the App Event to trigger the Zap when a new contact is created at Whautomate.

  1. Search and Choose the "New Contact Created" for the Trigger Event then continue.

Connect Whautomate

  1. Click the "Sign in" button and Allow Zapier to access your Whautomate Account.

  1. Copy the API Host and API key from the Whautomate REST API integration page and paste them into the designated fields to connect your Whautomate account. 👇

  1. Go to the Integrations page in the Whautomate platform then scroll down and select the Rest API Connect or Edit Setup button to continue.

  1. Copy the "API Host" URL and Paste it on the Zapier integration page API Host field.

  2. Click the "New API Key" button and Enter the key name(optional) Eg. Zapier Integration.

  1. Copy the "API Key" below marked and Paste it on the Zapier integration page API Host field.

Caution: Safeguard your API Key! Keep it secure to prevent unauthorized access.

  1. Once you have pasted the API Host URL and API Key, click the "Yes, continue to Whautomate" button to successfully connect the Whautomate account. 👇

  1. Once connected to your Whautomate account, please click the "Continue" button.

2. Test Trigger

  1. Click the "Test Trigger" button to verify the contacts in your Whautomate account. If no contacts are found, you will need to create one.

  1. Please verify your contacts are found correctly, Select the contact record you want to test and Then click the "Continue with selected record" button.

3. Setup Action

  1. Select the Google Sheets in the app event to trigger the Zap when a new contact is created on the Whautomate app.

  1. Search and Choose the "Create Spreadsheet Row" for the Action Event then continue.

Connect Google Sheets

  1. Click the "Sign in" button, and then Zapier will direct you to the following page.

  1. Select your Google account or Use another account option to add an existing account or create a new account. After the creation, the new account will appear in the selection. 👇

  2. Once connected to your Google account, Please click the "Continue" button.

  1. Now, select the option for My Google Drive. Then, choose your Google Spreadsheet or create one if you don't have it, and select the Worksheet option Eg. Sheet1 option to continue.

Eg. I have already created one the name is ABC Business Contacts. 👇

  1. Add headers in the spreadsheet, as shown in the picture below. This is an example of contact details obtained from Whautomate that I want to save in the spreadsheet. 👇

  1. Set up your Whautomate contact fields to match your spreadsheet headers. Then click the continue button. 👇

4. Test Action

  1. Click the "Test Step" button to verify that the spreadsheet received the test contact has been created.

  1. Click "Publish" after confirming that the test contact details have been successfully created in the spreadsheet. 👇

Created a new "Whautomate Contacts to Google Sheets" zap automation rule successfully. Now, go to your Whautomate account and create a new contact to test it!

  1. You can always modify, enable, or rename your Zap on the My Zaps page.

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