Woocommerce Automations

This guide explains how to set up automations for Woo commerce websites to recover abandoned carts, send COD confirmations, send order and shipping updates using Whautomate.

How to add Automations in Woocommmerce

Step 1: Go to the Whautomate and select the Integrations menu.

Step 2:Select Woocommerce EditSetup button

Step 3: Click the Add rule button

Step 4: Please Select the Automation you want to add in Woocommerce

Step 5: Click the Add condition Button to add conditions

Step 6: Please Choose the Field

Step 7: Please Select the Operator and Enter the value

Step 8: Click the Add Action button to add Actions

Step 9: Please Choose the Actions you want to add.

Step 10: Fill the required details as shown in the picture

Please enter (#) to choose from personalisation variables in the parameters E.g. client name, location name, etc.

Available Variables:










Step 11: After fillinng all details Pleasse click the Save button

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