Client Notes

This guide provides detailed steps on adding various notes to clients within Whautomate platform.

How to create client notes

STEP 1:Click the Add New button and Select the notes button

STEP 2: After writing the notes Click the save button

STEP 3:Select the notes you want to send it and Click the Action button and choose via

STEP 4:Select the Client who you want send the notes and Click the Share button

How to Create Note template

STEP 1:Click the highlighted line as shown in the picture

STEP 2:Select the Note template in the Template Section

STEP 3: Select the Add new note button

STEP 4:After filling the notes you can save it by clicking the Save button

How to use the Note template

STEP 1:Just type " # " and Select the template you want

STEP 2: After selecting the template you can save and send it to clients

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