Integrate with Zoom, and create virtual meetings for appointments!

To setup Zoom Integration with Whautomate, follow these steps. 👇

Step 1: Go to the Whautomate app, select the Integration menu option, and Select the Zoom Connect button to continue.

Step 2: Login or sign up for the Zoom Marketplace by visiting this link https://marketplace.zoom.us/

Step 3: Click on "Develop" in the top right corner and choose "Build a Server-to-Server App" option.

Step 4: Enter a descriptive name for your integration (e.g., "Whautomate Integration"). Then select the Create button to continue. 👇

Step 5: Fill out the Information section with relevant details, including basic and developer contact information. 👇

For developer information, you can use Whautomate Support - support@whautomate.com. Once filled in the required details. Please select the Continue button.

Step 6: Skip the Feature section. Select the Scopes section and Click the + Add Scopes button

Step 7: Choose the Meeting section and Select the below-mentioned scope 👇

View and manage all user meetings (meeting:write:admin)

Step 8: Next, Choose the User section and Select the below-mentioned scope 👇

View users information and manage users (user:write:admin)

Step 9: Once selected the mentioned scopes. Please select the Continue button to activate your app

Step 10: Select the Activate your app button to activate 👇

Step 11: Once activated, Go to the App Credentials section, and copy the provided App Credentials details such as below-mentioned. 👇

(i) Copy the Account ID and paste it onto the Whautomate app

(ii) Copy the Client ID and paste it onto the Whautomate app

(iii) Copy the Client Secret Key and paste it onto the Whautomate app

Step 12: Once added the App Credential details. Please Save the configuration 👇

Step 13: Finally, ensure that you select the appropriate user for the integration and Save it.

For example, if your username is "ABC Business", select that user and click on the "Save" button to complete the setup for Zoom Integration. 👇

This will grant you access to all meetings created on your Zoom account.

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