Marketing opt-out Management

Detailed Guide on Marketing opt-out using Whautomate's template to maintain a high-quality rating on your WhatsApp.

Opting out of marketing communications is easy with our Whautomate app. Simply include a "STOP" message in the footer section of your template message. When a client wishes to stop receiving marketing messages, they can simply send a "STOP" message to unsubscribe.

Step 1: By default, the footer content specified below is pre-populated when creating marketing templates. 👇

Reply 'STOP' to unsubscribe from our updates.

Step 2: Go to the Whautomate app, Select the Automation menu option, and Click the Add Rule button to continue.

Step 3: Scroll down to find the Managing Marketing Opt-Out Requests automation rule and Click the "Install Rule" button to continue.

Step 4: After installing the Marketing Opt-Out automation rule, the next step is to setup the Client and Contact Segment for sending marketing messages.

How Marketing Opt-Out Automation Work

  • When a client sends a message containing "STOP," "Stop," or "stop" as a standalone word, the automation triggers the opt-out condition based on a regex pattern.

  • If the client sends "Stop" followed by additional words (e.g., "Stop marketing"), the regex pattern will not trigger the opt-out condition due to the specified word boundary constraints.

  • Upon receiving a Stop message from a client or contact, we automatically apply the "Unsubscribe" tag to their profile. This allows for easy identification and segmentation in the Broadcast feature.

How to stop sending marketing communications to Unsubscribed Clients/Contacts

Step 5: Select the "Segments" option under the Communications menu section, Then click the "Add Segment" button to continue. 👇

Create a client segment for All Clients and Unsubscribed Clients

Step 6: Enter the Segment Name and Other required details

(i) Select the Exclude Client(s) Tags: Add an Unsubscribe tag then Save the segment 👇

When clients send a Stop message to unsubscribe from marketing updates and notifications, they are tagged as "Unsubscribe." Once you save this segment, there's no need for constant editing. The segment automatically excludes clients with the "Unsubscribe" tag, ensuring that they are consistently removed from your marketing communications.

Step 7: Once saved the segment you can use that segment to send Marketing Broadcast messages.

Step 8: After setting up the Marketing Opt-Out Automation Rule and Client Segment, take a moment to send a test marketing template to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Step 9: Once you've sent the Stop message, navigate to check the recipient counts in your Broadcast client segment. You'll notice that the client has been automatically removed from the segment list. 👇

If clients or contacts wish to receive updates again, they can click the "Resubscribe" button or send a "RESUBSCRIBE" message. This will automatically remove the "Unsubscribe" tag and add the client back to the marketing segment list.

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