Our Features

Check out Whautomate's features to boost your customer engagement and Sales!

Centralised Team Inbox

Whautomate provides a unified Team Inbox, gathering conversations from diverse channels into a single interface. Agents collaborate seamlessly, enhancing conversation management within a team-oriented environment.


Setup chatbot on various channels using our pre-defined templates in minutes or Build your own chatbot using our Editor. Provide an omnichannel experience for your customers using Whautomate.

Segmentation & Broadcasts

Whautomate's segmentation and broadcast tools empower targeted communication. Effortlessly tailor messages to specific audience segments, optimizing engagement and delivering relevant content.


Experience enhanced efficiency with Whautomate's automation capabilities. Streamline repetitive tasks, ensuring timely responses and personalized interactions, thereby boosting overall productivity.


Seamlessly manage appointments through Whautomate. Simplify scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups, creating a frictionless experience for both your team and clients.

Class Bookings

Whautomate facilitates class bookings, enabling easy registration and management of classes. This feature simplifies scheduling, attendee tracking, and updates for educational or instructional offerings.

Invoice and Payments

Handle invoicing and payments seamlessly with Whautomate. Generate and send invoices, track payments, and maintain financial interactions in one integrated system.

Plans and Subscriptions

Whautomate's plans and subscription management feature offers a hassle-free way to handle various subscription models. Effectively manage renewals, upgrades, and customer access to services.

E-Commerce - Sell on WhatsApp

Enable direct ordering through WhatsApp with Whautomate. Provide customers a convenient way to place orders, enhancing their shopping experience and facilitating smooth transactions.

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