⚑Canned Responses

Use Whautomate's Canned Response functionality to speed up your customer service.

Pre-designed messages, also known as Canned Responses, are templates readily available for you and your team to use without the hassle of typing the same message repeatedly. If you frequently use specific messages, save them as canned responses for swift access whenever needed.

Step 1: Go to the Whautomate app and Click the Settings menu option

Step 2: Then, select the Canned Responses option under the Templates section πŸ‘‡

Step 3: Select the + Add New Response button to open the editor. πŸ‘‡

Here, you can oversee and manage all lists of previously created canned responses.

Step 4: New Canned Response πŸ‘‡

(i) Enter the Template Name Eg. Greetings

(ii) Enter a message that you want to send

Click on the Save button.

Step 5: Go to the Communications menu and select the Team Inbox from the sub-menu.

(i) Simply enter the # option in the message field and select the ⚑Canned Responses you want to send to your contact.

(ii) Eg. I have selected the "Greetings" option, which I created in the previous step. Then click the send button to send a message to the contact. πŸ‘‡

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