Client Letters

This guide provide step by step instruction on generating letters using Letter Templates for clients in your Whautomate account.

in How to add Client letters

Step 1: Please go to the Notes menu

Step 2: Press the Add new button and Select the Letter button

Step 3: Please Select letter type you want

Step4: Please fill the required details

Step 5: After filling the details and press the save button

How to Add new template for client letters

Step 1: Please go to Notes menu

Step 2: Select the Add new button and press the letter button

step 3:press the Go tho settings button

Step 4: Click the Letter template

Step 5: Select the Add New Letter button

Step 6: Please fill the required details and Save the details

Letter template content -Auto populate Information

The header section of the letter is configured for you. We use the business information configured under Settings -> Business Settings section to auto generate the header.

Body of the letter generated is configurable and you can make use of some dynamic variables available for you to setup the templates. The generated letter will automatically populate this information on the letters.

Please reach out to us to add additional variables as per your need.

Available Variables:

Client :















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