Setup Virtual/Online Session Notifications

This guide explains how to set up custom notifications for online sessions including Virtual meeting Zoom links using the Whautomate platform.

Step 1: Go to the Whautomate app then click the Automation menu and select the Add Rule button as shown in the below picture 👇

Step 2: Select the Create Rules from Scratch option to continue

Step 3: Choose the Appointment Updates as a Trigger

Step 4: To add conditions, simply click on the "Add Condition" button

Step 5: Choose the condition Field option like "Appointment Type" 👇

Step 6: Choose the condition Operator option like "equals" 👇

Step 7: Choose the condition Type option like "Virtual/Online Session" 👇

This condition-type option is when a client or you book an appointment for a client. If the appointment type is marked as "Virtual/Online Session". The client will receive a notification via WhatsApp and Email.

Note: Similarly, the condition type option is when a client or you booked an appointment type such as Location Visit or Home Visit, the status will be marked as Location Visit or Home Visit. The client will receive a notification via WhatsApp and Email.

Step 8: Select an Action you want to notify your client of their appointment booked such as WhatsApp and Email notification.

For WhatsApp Eg. Select a Send a WhatsApp template message and fill in the required details. 👇

Step 9: Select a WhatsApp template message you want to notify your client for their appointment booked confirmation.

(i) Select the Add Wait & Schedule Time button so you can set up a notification wait time and Schedule a specific time to send a notification

Eg. This notification will be sent 1 Day before the appointment and at 09:00 AM 👇

(ii) (a). Select the message template in the Message Template field and enter all the Parameters. Eg. I have selected the teleconsultation_confirmation(en) template.

I used the custom message template which was already created and approved by Meta. So first you need to create a new WhatsApp Message Template, you can select the Create New Template link. This will take us to the template page where we can submit our new template for custom notifications.

However, please note that any custom notification settings will be discarded, and we will need to set them up again after our new template is approved.

Check this below link on how to create WhatsApp message templates 👇

WhatsApp Message Templates

(b). When you enter (#) in the Parameter field, a list will pop up. You can choose from the options provided to fill out the parameter details. 👇

Eg: = {{}}, = {{}}, etc.

Available Personalisation Variables:

Client Variables

{{}}, {{client.preferredName}}, {{client.age}}, {{client.gender}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{client.calendarSyncURL}}, {{client.photoURL}}, {{client.address}}, {{client.emergencyRelationType}}, {{client.emergencyContactName}}, {{client.emergencyContactPhone}}

Business Variables

{{}}, {{business.address}}, {{}}, {{business.mapDirectionUrl}}, {{business.operatingHours}}

Appointment Variables

{{appointment.practitioner}}, {{}}, {{appointment.time}}, {{appointment.previousDate}}, {{appointment.previousTime}}, {{appointment.clientName}}, {{appointment.addToCalendarURL}}, {{appointment.partialAddToCalendarURL}}, {{appointment.location}}, {{appointment.service}}, {{appointment.addons}}, {{appointment.detailsURL}}, {{appointment.partialdetailsURL}}, {{appointment.cancelURL}}, {{appointment.partialcancelURL}}, {{appointment.rescheduleURL}}, {{appointment.partialrescheduleURL}}, {{appointment.practitionerRole}}, {{appointment.price}}, {{appointment.timezone}}

Virtual/Online Session Variables

Guest Meeting URL: {{appointment.guestMeetingUrl}}

Meeting Password: {{appointment.meetingPassword}}

Host Meeting URL: {{appointment.hostMeetingUrl}}

Step 10: After filling in all the details Click the Save button

Step 11: Now book a Virtual/Online Session appointment to test the WhatsApp notification 👇

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