Roles and Permissions

This guide outlines the different roles available in Whautomate and the corresponding permissions granted to each role.

Understanding the roles and permissions of team members in Whautomate is essential for efficient collaboration and management within your organization.

Team Member Roles

When adding members to your organization, assign them a default role for accessing features inheriting permissions from the organization.

Choose from roles like Owner, Administrator, Staff/Practitioner, Scheduler, Receptionist, or Accountant/Finance Manager.


The highest level of access, owners have full control and can access all features and functionalities within the Whautomate platform.


Administrators also have extensive access similar to the owner role, but the owner can define specific permissions for accessing certain features.


Staff or practitioners can manage clients, appointments, communications, finance, catalogue, and basic settings. However, they restrict access to certain modules such as reports, business/account settings, subscriptions, integrations, and more.


Schedulers are responsible for managing appointments, clients, contacts, team inbox, team member profiles, availability, and account security settings. However, they are restricted from accessing internal staff/not available for appointments, finance module, catalogue module, and report module.


Receptionists can handle appointments, clients, communications, catalogue, finance, expenses, team member profiles, availability, and basic settings. However, they are restricted from accessing internal staff/not available for appointments and the report module.

Accountant/Finance Manager

Accountants or finance managers have access to catalogue, finance, and basic settings. They are restricted from accessing internal staff/not available for appointments, communication module, client module, and client notes module.

Team Member Permissions

The Owner and Administrator roles have the ability to configure permissions for accessing specific features for other team member roles.

  1. Go to the Whautomate app and select the Team Members menu option, In the Team Members section, locate the list of active team members.

Make sure to click on the "Edit" icon to adjust feature permissions for team members. If you're adding a new team member, you have the option to set up their permissions before sending the invitation.

  1. Scroll down to find the Roles and Permissions section. From there, you can choose the features you wish to disable for specific team members. Options include:

  • Internal Staff/Not Available for Appointments

  • No Application Access

  • No Finance Module Access

  • No Catalogue Module Access

  • No Communication Module Access

  • No Client Module Access

  • No Client Notes Module Access

  • No Report Module Access

  1. Click the "Save" button. The particular team member will now be unable to access the marked features. ๐Ÿ‘‡

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