WhatsApp Message Templates

WhatsApp Message Templates provide a standardized and approved way for businesses to engage with their customers on WhatsApp, offering a structured and efficient means of communication.

How to Edit or Delete WhatsApp Message Template in Facebook Meta?

Step 1: Go to the https://business.facebook.com/wa/manage/

Step 2: Select your business

Step 3: Select the Message Templates menu option.

Step 4: Find and Select the message template that you want to Edit or Delete.

Step 5: Select the Edit Template button to continue.

Step 6: If you would like to edit the template message, select the Submit button to finalize the changes.

Alternatively, if you would like to delete the template message, select the Delete button.

Learn More: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/2047376461998278?id=2129163877102343

Step 7: Once you have done go to the Whautomate app WA Templates and Select the Refresh Templates button

(i) Added or edit a template message, you must first obtain approval. The status will show as "Pending" until the template is approved by Meta. Once approved, it will be available for use.

(ii) The deleted template message is removed from here once you Select the Refresh Templates button.

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